iPad 2

March 12, 2011

Here’s what Apple does better than anyone else: makes pretty stuff that I immediately want. Generally speaking I don’t get the first generation of anything. Despite really wanting one, I waited and got the iPhone 3G, then upgraded to the 4. My father spoiled me last year by getting me an iPad. Within days I was addicted. It is, by far, the best media consuming device ever. So what would the sequel be like? I had to swing by Best Buy to find out (the closest Apple Store is over an hour away). Despite only a few ounces, the 2 does feel significantly lighter, and is significantly thinner. It does seem faster, and the cameras are a no-brainer. But the coolest part may be the new cover. Part of the “hard part” of iPad ownership is the case question. I’ve done what I’ve seen lots of others do-get a slim great looking device and cover it in Apple’s original case which, despite enveloping the entire device, is the lightest solution with the best protection. The new cover has magnetic hinges that connect to exactly the right spots automatically and covers only the top of the iPad perfectly. It’s so pretty and functional- how could I not want that?

By the way, if you haven’t tried the Trackpad yet- do it. It’s just better than a mouse.

One more thing, I wrote this whole post on my iPhone 4. Let me know how it looks.



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