ITG Day 3 Highlights

June 21, 2011

The highlights of the third day of the Conference came from the “I” in ITG. Vladislav Lavrik performed “The Rusdian Recital” at Central Lutheran Church. Performing entirely on ‘Bb’ trumpet with the stellar pianist Rebecca Wilt, Vlad’s recital was both a beautiful hour of Russian music and a lesson in how to play that style.

The evening concert featured a concerto by Finnish composer Jukka Linkola performed by Jouku Harjanne and the Minnesota Orchestra. The piece is very demanding, but a pleasure to hear. Mr. Harjanne’s performance was nothing short of astounding. Starting soft and lyrical, then demanding ridiculous agility and musicality throughout, the performance is one of the best I’ve seen.

Amazing soloists from around the world…just another day at ITG.


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