October 12, 2011

It’s time to think about what you want to do.  Not what you’ll settle for, or what would be bearable, or what might be kind of cool.  I want you to think big.  Scratch that-I want you to think HUGE.

In setting goals, I want you to think in 4 levels.  We’ll start at the smallest level:


Immediate goals are daily.  This is the goal you set every morning when you wake up that answers the question “What am I going to do today to get better?”  It can be as simple as “I will practice today” or “I will listen today.”

This is the smallest picture.  Still in the small picture is the next level:

Short Term

Short term answers the “what’s next” question.  This could be an upcoming audition, performance, or project.  Plan out your preparation so that by the time of your short term event(s) you will feel relaxed and prepared.

We’re now moving out of the small picture into:

Long Term

Long term is where I want you thinking huge.  Put your dream job here.  Answer the question “If I get to choose how make my living, I would ___________.”

Although Long Term is big picture, it’s not as big as it can go.  The last level of goals is:


This is where abstract goals go.  An unreachable goal is something to keep you motivated as you reach your Immediate, Short Term, and Long Term goals.  It’s always out there giving you something to strive for.

This is just a quick overview.  I could go on-and-on about each category, and will expand on each in the future.

Each of these categories can, and should, be ever-changing.  What you do on a daily basis (Immediate) should be based on your Short Term, Long Term, and Unreachable goals.  As you reach your goals, both Short Term and Long Term, they can change.

Next week I’ll take you through my story and how this kind of thinking works for me.



  1. Where were you when I was in college and taking instruction from two or three (I now know) disinterested teachers?!

    Excellent post, Joey. JP

  2. Joey,

    How are you doing? We have to get together to talk sometime, when are you going to be around Baltimore, DC ? By the way, I love your blog, keep telling it like it is.


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