What I did this Summer

May 8, 2012

Picture yourself a few months in the future.  It’s August or September- it’s the first day of the school year.  You’re seeing all of your friends and they are all telling stories about what they did over the summer.

What story do you want to tell?

So here’s your assignment for the summer:

  • Write a note from the first day of the ’12/13 school year telling yourself what you accomplished over the summer.
  • Read it every day.

It does not have to be complicated.  Think about what you want to improve, or any projects you want to tackle.

Here’s one of mine:  I’m a Mac person.  That may not be a strong enough term, as I have an iPhone, iPad (thanks again Dad), and a 15″ MacBook Pro.  With the current operating system on the iPhone, it’s possible to customize all of the sounds.  Last year I found how simple it is to make your own ringtones.  So I recorded a few.  My ringtone for most of the past year has been my recording of the theme to the video game “Super Mario Bros.”   In a couple of weeks, I’ll be with my Tromba Mundi brethren working on our next recording project (which should provide some enjoyable reading material for you).  By the time I see them, I hope to have my phone fully outfitted with ridiculous ringtones, text sounds, alerts, and alarms on which I will be recording all of the parts.  (don’t tell them…it’s a surprise)  I did a quick text alert last week, aiming for maximum obnoxiousness.  Please let me know what do you think (it’s 8 trumpets-Bass Trumpet, Alto Flugelhorn, Alto Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet, and 3 Bb trumpets):

Obnoxious Text

Don’t get me wrong- I am not saying the only thing you should be doing is working hard all summer.  I’ve already been staying up too late watching NBA Playoff games (yes, I really know how to party), and certainly hope to have my share of fun this summer.  But I am saying working hard is one of the things you should be doing.

Summer can be both an extremely fun and productive time of year.  So enjoy it and get to work.


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  1. Great post! I’m going to do this. Thanks, Joey!

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