This Week in Trumpet Ensemble News

February 12, 2013

It’s almost time to jump in the car and start the drive to Pennsylvania for the West Chester Trumpet Festival, which you should all be attending.  But I wanted to get one more chart done and a snippet recorded.  This week’s music comes to you from my good friend Greg Jasperse.  Greg is an unbelievably talented singer and songwriter.  Among the many pieces he’s written are several that are wordless.  The first time I heard one I knew that he was really writing trumpet ensemble music, he just didn’t know it yet.  He did send a few scores at my request, which I have transcribed for trumpet.  Here’s a clip of a piece he calls “Voicedance”, which we’ll call “Dance of the Trumpets” for now:

Dance of the Trumpets

Please let me know what you think.  If you like it, thank Greg for writing a beautiful piece of music.  If you don’t, blame me for not playing it well enough.

This week is going to be great.  At the West Chester Trumpet Festival, (did I mention how good it is?), the U.S. Army Blues is playing on Friday night.  Soloing with the band will be Sean Jones, Scott Belck, and me.  On Saturday night, Tromba Mundi will be performing a World Premiere of a piece written for us and wind ensemble with the Messiah College Wind Ensemble.  There are also masterclasses, I’ll be giving one on Friday, and exhibits during the day.  The full schedule is here:  Trumpet Fest Schedule.

Coming soon- thoughts on the Grammies.  (I think Grammys or Grammy’s just looks wrong.  It seems obvious that it should be Grammies, so I’m going with that)



  1. Talking about trumpets, I love the trumpet solo that suddenly peeps at the end of this reggae song, because it adds an unexpected and delightful jazz touch to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zOwPBykLOE.

  2. Hey, I just met and played a bit with Mark Buselli and through looking him up, I found you. I’m not fundamentally an improv player, but rather a lead player so that’s why I wanted to find out who had played lead with Buselli. I look forward to following you and learning from your experiences.

  3. super post you have here, thanks alot for making it available!

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